Saturday, June 28, 2014

Don't share with me, thanks!

Today I saw one of the new coke bottles that say "Share a coke with..." Coke has printed these new labels with popular names from around the world. 
The first thing I did when I saw this was google to see if my name was on one. Guess what it's not and I am okay with that! I don't want to share a coke with anyone let alone put it in my body! 

Each one of these things are found in soda! Yuck!! Eating healthy is a struggle for me but luckily I have never been a huge soda drinker. I would have one every now and then but after hearing how terrible they are. I have cut them put completely!! 

Just because a soda is diet and doesn't mess up your calorie count doesn't mean it's good for you! The way I like to think about is simple: You don't smoke a cigarette just because it is 0 calories so why drink a soda and put in the chemicals in your body! 

I focus more on drinking water when I'm thirsty! 

I promise I am going to start posting more! Now that I am done studying for the NCLEX (I passed btw) I have more time to work on it. Also I start a 9 week summer meltdown challenge on Monday and want to keep y'all updated!!! 

Until Monday, 

Just remember what's worse than coke??

Diet coke

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