Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Day Late

I didn't have time yesterday to post my Day 3 workouts and happiness because I was on the go all day!

My Happiness came to me before I even woke up. I have a good friend that sends me daily bible verse for encouragement. Today's bible verse was Hebrews 12:11.  It reminded me that my weight loss journey will not always be pleasant but I know I can do it with God by my side!

My workout today consisted of running. Running in the pouring RAIN!! It started raining about midway through my run but at least it gave me the extra push I needed to break my fastest mile time! I love when I get to run with my boyfriend. He is in way better shape than me so it causes me to push my self a little more

  I was craving Mexican for Lunch so I went with a Taco Salad! Yum!! And it was a breakfast for dinner kind of night. I wasn't super hungry nor could I figure out what I wanted but this oatmeal and dark chocolate almond milk definitely hit the spot!

I am going to try to keep on top of my post,


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