Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome to the Real World!

The past two days have been filled with excitement!! On Tuesday, the boyfriend and I drove to the coast for his job interview for High School Boys Soccer Coach and Middle School History teacher. On the way down I got my ATT (Authorization To Test) email for the NCLEX.

I scheduled my date for June 24th!!
\Since we were on the coast, stopping at the outlet mall was a must! I needed wanted a new pair of shoes so we went to the Nike outlet. I of course found a pair I had to have wanted. They were on sale and fit like a glove so I took it as a sign to buy them!

Today was full of just as much excitement! I had two job interviews today. One was for a med-surg ICU and the other was for a Neuro ICU. Both went extremely well and I actually got an offer for the med-surg ICU position!!

On top of it being an ICU position (which is what I wanted), it is also a weekender position. At this hospital the weekender program works out where you work every other every Saturday and Sunday, and then every other Friday! But the best part is you work 60 hours a pay period but get paid for 80 hours!!

Even got a run in today after the interview and beat my fastest mile time!!

After getting back from running, the boyfriend got the phone call that they were very interested in having him be the soccer coach but kinda wanted someone with more teaching experience. The athletic director is now looking to find him a teaching position at the high school and we will know something tomorrow! So still keeping our fingers crossed!

I promise I am going to do better at posting daily and at an earlier time!


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