Monday, May 26, 2014

New Start.

Today I decided to start the #workitout100 and 100 Days of Happy. I am planning on working out every day for 100 days and reflecting on something that makes me happy each day.

 In honor of Memorial Day, my first day of happiness comes from the fact that I live in a place that people volunteer to sacrifice their lives so that I may live in freedom. I am thankful for those men and women who make that sacrifice daily and remember those who have lost their lives trying.

 For my workout today, the gym was closed so I had to improvise! Got in a nice run with the boyfriend. I can definitely tell I am getting in better shape. Also did a summer workout for my arms and abs! Not to mention the number of unlogged calories I burned today because I spent almost all day either on the trampoline or in the pool! And of course since it was Memorial Day, patriotic workout gear was a must!

Even though it was a holiday it was still my weigh in day! Despite a terrible weekend with no tracking, no exercise, and failing to meet my water goals, I was still down 1.1 lbs!! Slow progress is better than no progress!!

And since it was Memorial Day, grilled hot dogs are a must!! But who needs a bun!! Added some healthier sides as well. Ate the grilled zucchini before I could get a picture!

 Happy memorial day!!

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