Monday, May 12, 2014

No Pain. No Gain.

Today was my first week day as a new graduate and on my healthy lifestyle journey. So guess where I spent my day.. In the classroom!! Yes, just days after graduating I am back in the classroom for a NCLEX review course! Hopefully it will pay off and I will pass the NCLEX on the first try! But having to sit 6 hours of the day listening to lectures was painfully boring! At least I remembered to pack a healthy snack!

After the long day of NCLEX preparation, I still managed to get a run in.It started off great. I was running a great pace on track to get my 1.5 miles in under 20 minutes. About 6 minutes into the run, I began having a sharp pain in the side of my left calf. I have had many ankle and foot troubles in the past and I knew that this pain was caused by inflammation of my peroneal tendon.
I was only able to complete half of my run today but I liked to remind myself that it is way more than I have done in a while!! 

 One down. Rest of my life to go! Thanks for following my journey. I would love to hear your comments and stories!

Until next time, 


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