Friday, May 16, 2014

Big Girl Living in a Fit World

So sorry for not posting yesterday. It was a busy day with moving and all but I successfully moved back home with my parents! Yayyy growing up. Haha. I plan on living here until I get my first couple pay checks under my belt. I was actually excited to move back with my parents from a fitness stand point. 

My father has always been a healthy individual. He goes on strict healthy eating kicks but for the most part he just practices moderation. He is an avid gym attendee though. He spins 5 days a week and lifts weights practically every day. 

My mother has joined the fitness world in the past 2 years. Since then she has lost 65 lbs and works out 5 days a week. She is currently working with a personal trainer three days a week for weight training. She is also on her second week of a six week clean eating challenge! 

I was excited because I thought this was the motivation I needed. My mom would be cooking clean meals and I would have access to our family gym membership. It would be a win all the way around. Just the motivation I needed. But today it just became over whelming. 

My dad offered to take me shopping for an interview suit. I needed one so I agreed but I was not in the mind set to be trying on clothes today. Let me tell you something about my body type. I have football player shoulders, small breast, long arms moderately smaller waist and hips compared to the large butt and thighs I have. If you can tell me what body shape that is I would greatly appreciate it because I've got nothing! Well with this description, suit shopping is not fun. 

We kept having to go up in size of the blazer to be long enough and fit in the shoulders. Same with the pants. They were big in the waist but tight in my thighs so we would have to go up. It was very disheartening to see that number rise especially this early in my journey. 

I ended up with a size 18 in both the pants and the blazer. That is the biggest size I have ever bought in anything. After being discouraged, my emotions changed to disgust. I was disgusted in myself for letting myself get this big! 

This was just the motivation I needed! Now that I am home I am ready to start on my weightloss journey and I am excited to see results! Please comment with your stories and questions! I appreciate any additional motivation along the way! 

Until next time, 

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